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The CMA Is Where Shipping Business Gets Done!

The Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) is a non-profit organization that was built by its members, for its members, and as such is one of kind. It is an Association made of individuals representing every aspect of shipping and international trade. Over 1,000 members worldwide, an annual conference and trade show attracting 2,500 attendees, a myriad of social events throughout the year, and the CMA Education Foundation all make for a vibrant, ever-growing association.

Unlike many similar organizations that are supported largely by corporate membership, the CMA’s voting membership is comprised only of individuals. From bunker brokers and tug-boat operators to lawyers and underwriters, to ship owners, brokers, and managers, shippers and merchants of all kinds of cargo, each CMA member has an equal and separate vote.

The CMA was created to build a community of shipping people and remains a conduit for the exchange of information and a source of camaraderie, networking, and fellowship that is unique and vital to the shipping community. Incorporated in 1985, the CMA celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2020. It prospers with over 1,000 members representing nearly 500 companies and organizations. 

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